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Java 10 – Local Variable Type Inference

Java 10 Local-Variable Type Inference
Allows the developer to declare variable by enhancing type inference.

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Introduction to Apache Kafka

What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming system with publish and subscribe the stream of records. In another aspect it is an enterprise messaging system. It is highly fast, horizontally scalable and fault tolerant system. Kafka has

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Enterprise Application Monitoring in production with OverOps

                                     In this article we will discuss OverOps which will monitor application and provides insights about the exceptions with code and the variable

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Distributed Logging Architecture for Microservices

               In this article we will see what are the best practices we need to follow while logging micro services and the architecture to handle distributed logging in micro services world. As we all

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Spring Boot Admin – Admin UI for administration of spring boot applications

               As part of micro services development many of us are using Spring Boot along with Spring Cloud features. In micro services world we will have many Spring Boot applications which will be running

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Http/2 multiplexing and server push

                 In this article we will see the main features for Http/2 specification. Till Http/1 the request and response processing between the client and server is simplex. That is, the client sends the

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Java 9 : Convenience Factory Methods to create immutable Collections

                             In this article we will see another JDK 9 feature to create immutable collections. Till Java 8, If we want to create immutable collections we use

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