Passageway – Expose Localhost to Public

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                   When we are working on REST APIs there are situations where you may require to expose the APIs to the public or If you are working with any social source integration where we need to configure callback URLs, we require to host our APIs onto the public IP address. Getting the public IP from the network department is a tedious process(Requires tickets, approvals, and follow-ups). Here is a tool called “Passageway” (from Runscope) which will allow us to expose the localhost to the public. Follow the below steps to setup Passageway.

Step1: Create an account with

Step2: Login to “Runscope” and create a bucket.

Create Bucket

Step 3: Download the “Passageway” from here. The “Passageway” agents are available for different operating systems.

Step 4: Open the command prompt and run the “Passageway” agent as shown below.

Run Passageway

Step 5: Then, it will prompt to select the “bucket” which we created in Step2 and the port number for which the “Passageway” will route the requests on to our localhost. After providing the details, “Passageway” will provide us the forward URL which will be accessible from the public.

Passageway Forward URL

          We are done. Now, we can expose the APIs running on the localhost to the public. Use the base URL provided by “Passageway” and append your URI to that. When we make a request to “Passageway”, the request will be forwarded to localhost on the registered port(Port is provided in Step5) through “Passageway”.


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One comment on “Passageway – Expose Localhost to Public
  1. autumnator says:

    Interesting, nice. Too bad it’s not free? 😦

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