Postman REST Client

postman rest client

                  When I was building the REST APIs I found “Postman” Chrome extension is handy tool to test the REST apis. By using this we can make GET, POST, PUT etc… HTTP requests. It supports to send JSON, text, binary etc.. as payload.

              You can create different environments like DEV, QA, PROD to manage the requests for each environment. Postman manages the history of requests to refer it later. If you want to save the requests, you can create collection and save the requests to that collection. We can export the collection and save it/share it with others to import and play with the requests.


You can find the list of available features here.

I am Siva Prasad Rao Janapati. Working as Technical Architect. Has hands on experience on ATG Commerce(DAS/DPS/DCS), Mozu commerce, Broadleaf Commerce, Java, JEE, Spring, Play, JPA, Hibernate, Velocity, JMS, Jboss, Weblogic,Tomcat, Jetty, Apache, Apache Solr, Spring Batch, JQuery, NodeJS, SOAP, REST, MySQL, Oracle, Mongo DB, Memcached, HazelCast, Git, SVN, CVS, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Amazon Web services, Rackspace, Quartz, JMeter, Junit, Open NLP, Facebook Graph,Twitter4J, YouTube Gdata, Bazzarvoice,Yotpo, 4-Tell, Alatest, Shopzilla, Linkshare. I have hands on experience on open sources and commercial technologies.

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